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Mandarin Language




For the goal of providing opportunities to the Chinese family of near by communities and also for families who's interested in our program nation-wide, we are offering Chinese after school program by using Liping Ma books and methods combining multi-media which brings students more fun and deeper comprehension of Chinese characters and culture. 
Our specialty is not only introducing multi-media to teaching also offering Pre-K Chinese classes to younger children by using Liping Ma books and methods. We are focusing on building their enthusiastics on Chinese learning, at the same time reduce the difficulties on the learning process. 
The after school program is from 3:30 to 5:30pm, Monday through Friday.


We are a very experienced team of teachers, with the goal of providing top notch services to our students including Chinese, Chinese arts, dance, vocal and instrumental training. Our director, Dr. Zhang, is a graduate of Yale and received her doctorate in cello from UT Austin. Her dedication to students' development and her passions for music are her main reason accepting this position. Our school specializes in helping students to fully reach their potentials in music and arts. Therefore, we have dedicated many hours and resources to develop educational and attractive  lessons for our students. Our goal is to provide your children with a fun environment, while, sharing our hard earned knowledge.

Most parents take their children to numerous study programs after school hour, in hopes of them experiencing more and helping them to find their true passion in life. During this process, many multi-children families find it challenging, due to conflicting obligation, time management or other factors. This may cause them to give up those programs finally. We hope to solve your concern at our learning center, by having multiple classes at the same time, therefore, providing a one stop solution for busy parents.  


EQ Program

We have obtained a very special set of lesson plans from the Shanghai academy of music, we are the only licensed teachers of this program in Austin. These lessons are presented through Chinese dance, songs, prose and poetries. They help to develop a child’s EQ by giving the child opportunities to express themselves and think on their feet.


Chinese Dance Class

Our school will provide traditional Chinese dance and ballet classes. Dance is a great way for your kids to get much needed exercise and develop a healthy body and mind, not to mention they will also be more confident. A healthy body will stay with you all your life. The study of Chinese tribal dance will help your child to appreciate the Chinese culture and help them better understand China.


 Art Class

Our Big Art class has its roots in art, but has developed into so much more. It combines art, scissor work, traditional Chinese hand crafts, working with clay and design. Exponentially expanding a child’s creative thought process.



GO is a very old Chinese abstract strategy board game for two players, in which the aim is to surround more territory than the opponent. This ancient Chinese game provides deep strategic game play, helping students develop cognitive thinking. Playing with a live opponent will allow children to develop their focus, creative thinking, memory, not to mention their ability to coordinate and problem solving.



Our music teacher is a graduate of XIchuan Music University, she had professional training and experience. Our students not only get to find happiness on stage but also develop a talent that may take them on a wonderful journey In Chinese Songs. Children have one voice chord, once damaged, it cannot be repaired, and therefore, the right instructions at the beginning is vital.