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Ms. Zhao

Ms. Yi Zhao graduated from the Southwest University School of Music with a major in piano performance. She is from a family with many talented muscians. Her mother graduated from the Sichuan Conservatory of Music. 

Yi Zhao studied piano since childhood under the famous piano professor Guo Furong at the Sichuan Conservatory of Music. She has over ten years of teaching experience, including 2004-2012 when she taught  in the International Department of Shanghai Shang De Experimental School (currently named Shang De After School Learning Center) and private teaching.

Ms. Zhao is experienced in teaching piano to children and adults. Expertise in cultivating students' perceptions of music, inspiring students to control the musical directions and atmosphere. She has been selected as one of the most outstanding young music teachers in Shanghai.



MS. chen

Ms. Chen has been studying Dance since childhood with deep passion and love for dance. 

She is a registered teacher at the Chinese Dancers Association. Ms. Chen attained professional dancing skills in ballet, classical dance, and Chinese dance for children.  She frequently represents Sichuan Province in dance performances around the world including in the US and Japan. In addition to strong stage and dance choreography experience, Ms. Chen is proficient in color, sketch and other traditional art performance skills with many years of training in fine art painting. 

Her personality is cheerful, warm and generous, which permeates her teaching style. Coupled with her serious, responsible attitude, good communication skills and the ability to foster enthusiasm in the classroom, she is universally well received by parents and students alike.




Mrs. Zhang graduated from Jianghan University in Wuhan. The major course is foreign trade. I have worked in Joint-venture company for many years.

After coming to USA, I teach Chinese in after school. I enjoy being with children and willing to try interesting teaching method. I focus on improving children’s ability of Chinese expression and understanding.



MS. Zhang

Ms. Zhang graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a master’s and doctoral degrees in music performance. In 2013, she graduated from Bard College in New York State with a full scholarship, and gained double bachelor degrees in Asian history and music performance in Double Bass. She has many teaching experiences in music teaching assistant position at school. As a teacher, she has a strong interest in teaching Chinese. Ms. Zhang has a friendly personality, full of patience and sense of responsibility. She focuses on enlightening all students with different learning interest and enthusiasm. Her teaching philosophy is to expand students’ knowledge and provide a comforting environment that encourages creativity during the process of learning.



Ms. manners

Ms. Manners graduated from Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA. She later graduated from the Art Department of Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts in 2005 with a major in Environmental Art Design. She has worked for the United States architectural design firm JY, and Shanghai (Taiwan) Ya door architectural design firm. She has extraordinary management abilities and communication skills.

Ms. Liu specialized in Sketches, and oil painting, and is familiar with color, sketch and other traditional painting skills. 
She has a profound artistic foundation, also has long term teaching experience. She is good at teaching children the fine art painting (oil painting, crayon painting, oil color, watercolor, powder, composite material).

Ms. Liu is particularly good at teaching painting techniques and can elicit enthusiasm from students with her cheerful and lively personality. 



mr. FaNG

Ms. Fang graduated from New York University with PhD in mathematics. She had math olympiad trainings since childhood. She has received many national awards in middle school, and was recommended for college admission. She is experienced in math tutoring, and has many years experience teaching math classes in college. She loves math education, wishing to change the tediousness of math and have students love math. She also hopes to teach critical thinkings while teaching mathematical formulas and principles. Ms. Fang is also specialized in computer algorithms and programming. She has many years experience in software development and algorithms.




Ms. Jing graduated from Xi’an International Studies University. Majoring in Modern Dance in Austin Community College. She worked as a Jazz dance teacher in China for three years. Passionate about Jazz, Modern Jazz and hip-hop dance. She and her team had participated and won the runners-up in a dancing competition names “All Star Dancing”in 2015. She is volunteering for our dancing class to share her dancing abilities.




Ms. LIlia

Lilia, national level iii dancer. majored in dance performing and education, with 16 years of stage experience. Specialize in Chinese classic dance, Han & Tang dynasty dance and ethic dance. She is very patient with students and teach them according to their aptitudes.



Ms. LIao

Xuan, graduated from Xi’an International Studied University with a Bachelor in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages. She was selected as an online Chinese tutor of the University of Michigan. In 2016, She completed the training of Chinese Teaching Pedagogy in North-America and Teaching the Test of Spoken Chinese in Korea. She likes British parliament debate, and won the first place in the Northwest IDEA English Debate Tournament in China. She also represented the university to participate in the Chine Debate Open.


Ms. Bae

Ms.Bae graduated from UT Austin where she studied Economics and Early Childhood Education. Math has always been her favorite subject since childhood and teaching Math is an absolute passion for her. She has experiences tutoring Math to Elementary school students and she currently teaches 3rd grade. Ms. Bae is also working on her secondary (Middle & High school) teaching certification in Mathematics. Ms. Bae considers Math to be a critical life skill which everyone needs for independent living. Students will learn Math using different approaches and instructions will be differentiated to meet each student's need.